What to do in Plakias

Crete is the largest of the Greek Island’s. This beautiful island is very mountainous and surrounded by lovely beaches, coves and turquoise sea. It is steeped in history and its people are among some of the most hospitable we have ever met.

Plakias is on the south coast of Crete a little off the beaten track about 35 km south of Rethymno. It is an area of natural beauty with a large bay surrounded by mountains . Plakias is a low key resort and most people you will meet there have returned year after year enjoying its special atmosphere.

You have everything you need in Plakias. There are a few shops & supermarkets, car hire agencies and travel agencies. There are no banks but a few ATM’S. Plenty of Taverna’s serving local produce and fresh fish, a few cafes and relaxing bars.

There are many beaches, the main Plakias beach being one of the largest in Crete which extends East from the harbour in the village to the mountain at the far end. The best part of the beach is near to the far end and closest to our apartment . It has a spectacular view of the bay and the mountains. At the very far end the beach is used by naturists. The sea stays fairly shallow until a little way out so is suitable with young children.

Other beaches nearby are Souda, Damnoni, Amoudi & Skinaria. In Damnoni you can find water sports.

If you want to get out explore the opportunities are endless on this large Island. Some things/places that are nice to go with in a 30 minute drive of Plakias follow.

In the mountains just above Plakias you have the Villages of Mirthios, Selia and Mariou. All of these villages are worth visiting for the spectacular views down the bay of Plakias and just the lovely villages themselves. Enjoy some of the fantastic Taverna’s too for breakfast, lunch or dinner with breathtaking views.

Preveli Palm Beach and Preveli Monastry – Palm beach is one of the most famous sights in Crete & an area of outstanding beauty. It is situated at the foot of the Kourtaliotis Gorge and date palms line the bank of the river which flows into the sea. You can walk along the paths through the palm forest or take a dip in its crystal clear waters.

The beach itself has Umbrellas & a small taverna. You can take a boat trip here from Plakias or drive and park near to the monastery and walk down the steep steps.

Moni Preveli –this monastery is perched high above the sea with the most amazing views. It is really worth visiting, by car is easier as it is a long walk up from the beach.

Assomatis, Papa Michaelis Museum – This museum has been created over many years, by sadly now, the late Papa Michaelis (Priest). He was a lovely man & a real character & he has kept everything from his whole life & before to create this museum. It is a really interesting place to visit.

Spilli – A very picturesque village inland set in the mountain side, a 20 minute drive from Plakias. On route you pass through the amazing Kourtaliotis Gorge where you will more than likely see eagles flying above. You will continue to Koxare and then at the junction you go right. Follow this road all the way to Spilli, you will know when you’re there because of the impressive church on the right.
Continue through the village to the centre where there are a few shops. Nice place to stop, have a wander and maybe a drink or lunch.

Rethymno: On the North coast, Rethymno is the nearest town to Plakias, a 40 minute drive. This town has a lot of history – the old town is Venetian & there is a Turkish influence also. It has a beautiful Venetian harbour & Fortress. The very best time to go is mid afternoon and into the early evening. You can sightsee whilst it’s quiet in the afternoon but come 5.30 – 6pm (only on Tues, Thurs & Fridays) the main shops open and the Cretans start their early evening stroll. (The Volta) The place comes alive and the atmosphere is great. There are plenty of places to eat and drink. It is more expensive than Plakias but there are some wonderful places to go.

When you book our holiday home you will receive an in depth guide of the beaches, taverna’s places to go etc.